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Our Augusta law firm represents doctors and healthcare businesses in transactional, regulatory and litigation matters in Richmond County, Georgia and other Communities We Seve. Our offices are in downtown Augusta and Atlanta.

Augusta Healthcare Attorneys

We provide the following types of legal services to physicians and other healthcare businesses:

The focus of our law practice in Augusta, Georgia is healthcare law and business litigation. We use our experience in litigated disputes to guide our efforts to keep our clients out of conflicts. If your healthcare or other business finds itself in a meaningful legal dispute, however, our law firm has extensive litigation experience that we will use to protect your financial interests.

Protecting Healthcare Businesses in Litigated Business Disputes

“Business litigation” describes various business-related disputes that end up in court. For example, our firm represents our healthcare clients in business tort litigation. A business “tort” is a civil wrongdoing for which a legal cause of action exists. Business tort litigation might involve, for example, infringement of intellectual property rights, breach of fiduciary duties, defamation or slander, wrongful interference with business relationships, or other acts not based on breach of a contract but that cause harm. The remedies for most business torts are most often compensatory damages and (potentially) punitive damages and are typically matters of state law. The existence of a contract between parties does not necessarily bar a cause of action in tort. In some cases, tort remedies may exist even if the parties have a contract.

Our business litigation practice often involves disputed ownership rights or dissolutions. This type of business litigation is sometimes characterized as a “business divorce.” We have experience representing clients in business divorces involving a range of business types, including medical practices, ambulance services and health insurance joint ventures. Our firm’s focus is representing healthcare businesses.

Richmond County is located on the eastern side of Georgia, bordered by the Savannah River and South Carolina. The population of Richmond County is over 200,000. Richmond County is a consolidated government with the City of Augusta. Richmond County is one of 18 Georgia counties, and the most prominent, within what is known as the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA).

Kevin Little and Lee Hamil Little are from Augusta and have practiced law in Augusta and Richmond County. Our Augusta law office is located at 16 Ninth Street, Augusta, Georgia 30901. Our firm also has an office in Atlanta. To schedule a consultation, contact us at our office nearest you or email us at


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