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Healthcare Contracts and Transactions

Memorializing the Deal

Our health law firm represents medical practices, physicians and other healthcare providers with regard to contracts and transactions, including the following:

Health Law Transaction Attorneys

Because no two transactions are alike, undue reliance upon form contracts purchased from Zoom or obtained on the internet can be a costly mistake for the unwary. Every meaningful business contract should be properly memorialized in a written contract negotiated and drafted by a lawyer with experience in this area of law, according to the particular needs and objectives of the business.

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Contracts 101

"A verbal contract isn't worth
the paper it's written on."

Goldwyn, Samuel

An enforceable contract requires no more than a promise to perform in exchange for valuable consideration and, in most circumstances, does not have to be in writing. The importance of reducing business agreements to writing is obvious. Nevertheless, due to experience, neglect, short-sighted and incorrect perceptions about "saving" money, or for other reasons, a healthcare practice or business may fail to ensure that all significant agreements are in writing and properly prepared by an experienced business lawyer. Proper contracting is critical to making money in a way that minimizes business risks, including litigation.

A medical practice or healthcare business owner's vigilance about proper contracting should not end once a signed contract is in place. Under some circumstances, a written contract can be modified by the parties’ course of dealings. Business owners and entrepreneurs devote and invest enormous personal capital by way of time, effort, and money to start and advance their enterprise. Large or small, every medical business should be vigilant in ensuring important operations, transactions and relationships are protected by proper contracting. Important contracts should be prepared by business counsel and periodically reviewed by counsel. Preferably, a contract should be prepared by a health law attorney who, from experience in litigation, truly understands how particular contract terms are litigated in court.

The possibility of litigation should factor carefully into the preparation of every contract and transaction. It is important to have a business litigation attorney prepare or at least review, business contracts to ensure that particular provisions are included to protect the client should a dispute occur.

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