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Hamil Little represents a variety of health care providers and businesses. Our current and former clients include surgery centers, independent physician associations and other types of medical associations, physician groups, medical practices, urgent care centers, hospitals, ambulance services, healthcare consulting businesses, labs and healthcare vendors, FQHCs, durable medical equipment companies, concierge and other retainer based healthcare providers, and many hundreds of individual physicians of virtually every specialty. We also selectively represent high-level professionals, startups and businesses that are not in the healthcare industry, for unique legal needs. Because legal work for clients in the healthcare industry often involves unique and esoteric regulatory issues, we devote great amounts of time and energy to understanding this legal field.

What Our Clients Say About Us

We show our clients that we are committed to trying to help them and add real value to their business. Avoiding or solving legal problems is not easy and never automatic. What we can and do promise our clients is a true commitment to understanding their need and meeting it through diligent legal work and sound advice. Our healthcare clients’ needs vary with unpredictable developments in their businesses or professional lives, which over the years has afforded our lawyer’s much experience in mastering the ability to identify the right approach to problem-solving in highly niched health law and regulatory matters, including the following examples:

  • Negotiation and preparation of contracts for joint ventures and business arrangements that may implicate complex federal and state self-referral laws;
  • Representation of medical practices in litigation filed by former employees;
  • Representation of physicians in litigation over compensation disputes with hospitals;
  • Licensure compliance and advocacy before medical boards on behalf of physicians and other licensed professionals;
  • National Practitioner Data Base disputes;
  • Federal and State fraud investigations; and
  • Corporate transactions involving buy-in and/or buy-out of medical practices.

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What Our Legal Peers Say About Us

As lawyers, we pride ourselves in protecting the business and professional interests of our clients. To do that, we strive to work well with our fellow attorneys, whether we work with them as co-counsel or opposing counsel in litigation, or opposite them in a transaction. Good relationships, connections, and resources help us meet the needs of our clients. In most engagements, we collaborate with other professionals and experts to more efficiently solve our client’s problem or meet their need.

A Focus on Healthcare Law

The field of healthcare law is challenging and exciting. No other industry is as highly regulated and subject to legal changes and associated business risks as the healthcare industry. For this reason, we know it is useful to our clients to proactively avoid regulatory and legal pitfalls by careful planning and legal research on the front end of a healthcare transaction or business arrangement; however, where disputes arise, our full-service law firm can step in. Our firm’s lawyers are seasoned litigators with deep experience litigating difficult cases in federal and state courts, at the trial and appellate levels, as well as arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

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Our firm is focused and experienced in representing healthcare providers and practitioners. To schedule a consultation, email us at or contact us at our office nearest you.

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