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Medical Practice and Healthcare Operations, Transactions and Regulatory Compliance

Our law firm advises and represents Georgia and South Carolina physicians, medical professionals, federally qualified health centers, ambulance services, laboratories, elder care facilities and healthcare business owners with regard to operations, transactions and regulatory compliance legal issues. The extreme regulatory environment in which healthcare providers must now conduct business affects all aspects of operations and virtually every contract or transaction in the healthcare business arena.

For Healthcare Providers

Our law firm can help your healthcare business avoid expensive legal pitfalls and disputes. We are a boutique business firm that concentrates our expertise in the area of healthcare and healthcare-related businesses. Our legal services to healthcare providers and businesses include representation with regard to:

Our law firm is committed to providing responsive, high quality, affordable legal expertise to healthcare providers. We provide flexible fee arrangements and, as an AV-rated law firm, top-rated legal services.

Proactive is better than reactive

No one would enter a contract, transaction or business venture if obsessed about what could go wrong. Positive feelings that the deal will succeed are essential for parties to conduct business. Nevertheless, the optimism that drives parties to pursue business endeavors, relationships and arrangements designed to make money can obscure the importance of proper caution and steps to avoid legal pitfalls that can be encountered down the road. To be sure, it is far better to spot and properly deal with legal issues and risks on the front end of a contract or transaction than to react to problems later. No meaningful contract or transaction should be executed without the benefit of careful legal review. Being proactive always costs much less than reacting to a problem or dispute.

Let us tackle the legal – while you deliver healthcare

Healthcare legal issues are often arcane, esoteric and, much more so than with other areas of law, evolving and uncertain. Many healthcare providers incorrectly perceive that qualified legal counsel is prohibitively expensive. While quality legal representation would never be cheap, affordable legal protection is available. Our law firm provides flexible terms for healthcare providers that can accommodate the budgeting needs and the reasonable expectations of most any healthcare business. Ask about our General Services package options.

We have a demonstrated track record of commitment to helping healthcare providers.

“Kevin Little [of Hamil Little] represented the Medical Association of Georgia and individual physicians in a matter addressing the abuses of the health insurance industry. Kevin [of Hamil Little] was a pleasure to work with and brought forth legal theories to hold the health insurance industry accountable to physicians and patients. We received outstanding representation from Kevin [of Hamil Little].” *

Donald Palmisano, CEO and General Counsel, Medical Association of Georgia.

We have offices in Atlanta and Augusta, Georgia. Contact us at 404-685-1662 (Atlanta) or 706-722-7886 (Augusta and Aiken) to schedule a confidential consultation.

DISCLAIMER: Any result this law firm or any lawyer of this law firm may achieve on behalf of one client in one matter does not necessarily indicate similar results can be obtained for other clients.