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Obtained dismissal by federal court of business lawsuit filed against our medical practice client by a billing/management company seeking a six figure recovery, resulting in no payment by our client. Recovery for our physician client through state court litigation against national hospital chain payment of substantial compensation, in a dispute involving complex WRVU formula and contract interpretation. Recovery of over $5 million for physician group clients in dispute with health insurer. Business ownership rights established by successful litigation, enabling later eight figure sale of business by our client. $5.5 million recovery for health plan subscribers in successful class action lawsuit against health insurer. Dismissal of business tort lawsuit filed against out-of-state clients and award of fees, enabling pursuit of their business ventures. Successful defense and settlement of non-compete agreement lawsuit filed in federal court by former employer of our clients, software experts who had formed new competing business, enabling pursuit of their business ventures. Successful enforcement of non-compete agreement for radio station against prominent talk show host who sought employment with competitor.

Representative Engagements

Our Georgia business and healthcare law practice is focused on helping our clients avoid or resolve serious legal problems. We help clients avoid disputes, compliance infractions, fraud investigations, litigation or similar legal problems by conducting business in a legally smart, compliant way. But if legal issues culminate in a lawsuit or notice from a federal agency of a medical audit, for example, we effectively advocate our client’s legal position to resolve the dispute as favorably and efficiently as possible. Our law firm is not a mill operation and therefore the details of matters we handle often vary. We concentrate our efforts on helping healthcare providers, closely held businesses and professionals, and our firm’s engagements typically emanate from business law, healthcare law and/or employment law issues. Past engagements include:

Representative Litigation Engagements

  • defense of two out-of-state payroll services in business divorce litigation filed in Georgia, following dissolution of a joint venture;
  • representation of 60 physicians members of an independent physician association in an arbitration against a large health insurer regarding breach of contract and business tort claims;
  • class action litigation on behalf of physicians against national PPO alleging various state law claims;
  • representation of large California product manufacturer in breach of contract litigation with Home Depot;
  • defense of healthcare center in employment litigation by former employee;
  • class action litigation on behalf of health plan subscribers against large insurer;
  • defense of intellectual property lawsuit seeking injunctive relief and damages against our business client for allegedly violating trade name and other proprietary rights;
  • representation of physician in lawsuit by former physician partners regarding call compensation;
  • various types of litigation to obtain financial recoveries for healthcare providers, businesses and/or individuals;
  • various cases in litigation to enforce (or defeat) non-compete agreements or regarding other employment law issues.

Representative Non-Litigation Engagements

  • representation of numerous physicians of varying specialties, geographic locations, and employment contexts with regard to physician employment agreements;
  • Representation of physicians and nurses in various matters before state medical and licensing boards;
  • representation of numerous physicians with regard to STARK, HIPAA and other regulatory compliance medical practice issues;
  • representation of ambulance service in defense of State Attorney General civil fraud investigation;
  • representation of healthcare center in defense of drug manufacturer’s Section 340B medical audit seeking multi-million dollar recovery;
  • representation of closely held businesses with regard to employment practices, including non-compete agreements, background
  • investigations, wage and hour or other compensation issues, and termination of employment;
  • representation of healthcare providers in fraud investigations by federal or state law enforcement agencies;
  • representation of doctors with regard to physician practice set up (including concierge, direct pay, or hybrid practices).

Although significant financial recoveries in litigation are noteworthy, we understand that the outcome of every client’s legal matter is very important to that client. This is true whether the matter involves recovering damages in a lawsuit, or something else altogether. In some circumstances, for example, avoiding litigation for a business is a real success. Whether our client’s objective is a recovery in a lawsuit, negotiating better contract terms, obtaining a court order to enjoin unlawful competition, protecting ownership rights, or dismissal of an improper lawsuit, our approach is the same. In every engagement, we take care to truly understand our client’s problem (or potential problem) and endeavor to efficiently resolve it.


These outcomes are not indicative of the value of any other case, nor can we guarantee a particular outcome in any case. Our firm carefully evaluates and pursues every claim based on its particular facts and circumstances in light of applicable law. In larger cases that are especially labor intensive or that involve specialized expertise, the opposing litigant is almost always represented by a team that includes multiple lawyers. In such cases, our law firm typically works with the assistance of one or more co-counsel to ensure the case is properly staffed. Each of the above litigation recoveries was highly labor intensive and handled with the assistance of co-counsel.