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Physician Employment

Our business and health law firm regularly assists medical practices, other  physician employers, and physician employees with critical credentialing and licensure issues, employment contracts, employment termination and compensation disputes, administrative matters, and many other legal matters that emanate from physician employment, ranging from routine to highly complex employment-related legal matters.  The employment of a well-trained, high-compensation physician who is regulated as a licensed healthcare professional is in every instance a significant legal transaction for the physician and for his or her employer. So, while the employment of a physician is usually a significant financial and professional opportunity for both parties, the esoteric nature of the healthcare regulations and process to which physicians and their healthcare provider employers are subject render the opportunity one with numerous and significant legal and compliance risks.  Many such legal issues and risks (e.g., credentialing disputes, NPDB reporting obligations, tail insurance requirements, self-referral law prohibitions on compensation arrangements) are unique to the healthcare industry and, where legal advice or representation is needed, warrant the expertise of a skilled and experienced health law attorney.

National Physician Employment Lawyers

Our health law firm has been engaged to assist with hundreds of physician-employment issues over recent years.  We have experience dealing with all legal aspects and ramifications of physician employment, both from the physician’s standpoint and the employer’s standpoint. Our health law attorneys are highly experienced in this unique legal field.   We are exclusively focused on the healthcare industry and devoted to helping our physician and other healthcare provider customers successfully and safely ply their trade of delivering health care. Whether you are a physician or a physician employer in need of representation or legal advice relating to physician employment, our AV-rated health law firm is available to explore with you how our firm can assist you.

Tips to Negotiate Your Physician Employment Agreement

Hamil Little has has represented physicians and physician employers throughout the United States in advisory, regulatory, transactional and dispute-based physician-employment legal matters.  We represent both physicians and physician employers with regard to all aspects of physician employment, including, for example, the following:

  • Negotiating, drafting, editing, reviewing and advising regarding physician employment agreements
  • Insurance credentialing disputes
  • Hospital credentialing and privileges disputes
  • Peer review and MEC hearings and appeals at the investigative, administrative and litigation levels
  • Disciplinary action and termination
  • NPDB reporting requirements and NPDB reporting disputes
  • Negotiating and drafting compensation and benefits plans and schemes
  • Compensation disputes
  • Fraud and abuse and regulatory compliance issues and disputes
  • Negotiating and drafting physician ownership and buy-in/buy-out agreements for medical practices
  • Physician ownership and buy-in/buy-out disputes and medical practice dissolutions
  • Non-compete agreements and other restrictive covenants
  • HIPAA compliance issues

Speak With One Of Our Physician Employment Lawyers Today

Hamil Little assists physicians and physician employers in important legal matters relating to the employment of a physician. We are happy to discuss with you your need for legal assistance with a physician employment matter and whether our services may be of benefit to you based on our experience with such matters.  Contact us at to schedule a confidential consultation.

DISCLAIMER: Any result this law firm or any lawyer of this law firm may achieve on behalf of one client in one matter does not necessarily indicate similar results can be obtained for other clients.

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