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Staffing and Employment Law

The Law Offices of Hamil Little is a boutique business and healthcare law firm focused on protecting the financial interests of Georgia and South Carolina healthcare providers and businesses, including physicians, physician groups and associations, medical corporations, qualified health centers, ambulance services, laboratories, consultants, geriatric care and rehab facilities and healthcare business owners. Our objective as a law firm is to help healthcare providers and professionals succeed and make more money.

Among other areas of law that impact healthcare providers, our law firm provides legal advice and representation with regard to staffing and employment law matters, including:

The success of most healthcare businesses will heavily depend upon the ability of the business to obtain, retain and keep happy skilled personnel. Legal issues associated with employment can be difficult and expensive. Fortunately, many of the financial risks that emanate from legal issues and potential disputes can be avoided by proactive steps to ensure legally compliant employment practices.

First Rate Advice and Counsel Regarding Employment Law For Georgia and South Carolina Healthcare Providers

Many costly legal disputes and mistakes in the area of employment law are easily avoidable. Unfortunately, it can be easy and very tempting for cost-conscious businesses to discount the importance of ensuring that good legal protocol and best practices are in place for screening, hiring, training, compensating, advancing and disciplining employees. Too often, healthcare businesses discount the need to involve legal counsel before or early in a dispute concerning employment law issues. Having your healthcare business’ employment practices reviewed or audited annually is a great way to save significant money over the long term. A single legal dispute in the area of employment law can easily cost a healthcare business tens of thousands of dollars. Our law firm has very significant experience in the area of employment law and often advises healthcare businesses on a range of employment law issues, including handbooks and personnel manuals, training, employment agreements and restrictive covenants, whistleblower laws, and legal claims based on alleged discrimination or retaliation.

Good Practices Avoid Employment Law Issues

The best way to handle an employment law dispute is to avoid it altogether. Our law firm can review your employment practices and spot legal issues that should be addressed to reduce the risks of employment law issues and disputes. When disputes occur, our law firm has significant experience litigating employment law cases at the trial and appellate levels, as well as arbitration, mediation and administrative proceedings.

Atlanta, Augusta, Aiken Employment Law Firm for Healthcare Providers

Hamil Little’s attorneys have extensive experience in employment and labor litigation in federal court. Our firm’s lawyers combine that experience with significant experience in business litigation and broad knowledge of healthcare law to guide and assist healthcare businesses in avoiding legal pitfalls in screening, hiring, training, disciplining and terminating medical and non-medical personnel. Our law firm has offices in Atlanta and Augusta, Georgia. Contact us at 404-685-1662 (Atlanta) or 706-722-7886 (Augusta and Aiken) to schedule a confidential consultation.