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Our law firm is a boutique business and healthcare law firm based in Atlanta and Augusta, Georgia. We are focused on providing the highest level of legal representation and advice for healthcare providers, healthcare businesses, closely held businesses and high-level professionals. While our experience spans many types of business and litigation matters, the core of our law practice is the representation of healthcare providers. Our clients include physicians, physician groups, physician associations, hospitals, ambulance services, durable medical equipment companies, laboratories, pharmacies, federally qualified healthcare centers, healthcare consultants and compliance companies, and other healthcare related businesses.

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We Help You Avoid Legal Problems

Being proactive to avoid legal problems saves time and money and avoids unproductive business and personal distractions. We help our clients identify and avoid potential legal pitfalls to reduce risks and save money, whether they are setting up a new business, negotiating a contract, selling a practice, employing or accepting employment, dissolving a relationship, preparing for a medical audit, or responding to a federal investigation. We strongly emphasize to our clients that it makes good business and financial sense to be proactive rather than reactive about any potential legal issues. As legal professionals, our preference is to help you save money by making sure business is done the right way, in a manner that anticipates and avoids legal problems and disputes.

We Help You Solve Legal Problems

While best practices can reduce the chance of legal problems, some are inevitable. When legal problems or disputes arise, we rely upon seasoned litigation experience to protect your interests. Our attorneys have litigated numerous business and other cases in state and federal courts, including complex legal disputes, through both the trial and appeal phases. We have also handled administrative disputes, arbitrations, mediations and federal agency investigations. Our experience includes handling multi-plaintiff and class action cases in state court and federal court.

We Help You Make And Save Money

Our law firm provides responsive, high-quality legal services geared toward our clients’ need to make and save money. In every legal engagement, we are committed to getting our client’s legal business done the right way in a cost-effective manner. Our goal as a firm is to help our clients make and save money by efficiently avoiding, or resolving, legal problems.

We have offices are in Atlanta and Augusta, Georgia. We principally serve clients throughout Georgia and South Carolina, but often in many other states as well. We greatly appreciate our relationship with each of our clients. To schedule a consultation, email us at or contact us at our office nearest you.