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For the first time in life needing legal representation, I was given Ms. Caitlin Lentz name and WOW what a blessing! I found Ms. Lentz to be COMPETENT, TRUSTWORTHY, COMPASSIONATE AND JUST A DYNAMIC HUMAN BEING WHO JUST HAPPENS TO BE AN ATTORNEY!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

WEH (AVVO) - April 12, 2024

As someone without medical or legal expertise, I came across Hamil Little’s website while researching the process of launching my digital health company. My initial discussion with Kevin was enlightening; he invested 45 minutes in understanding my aspirations and providing valuable guidance. Throughout the legal review, Caitlin’s support was exceptional. She maintained clear communication channels, promptly addressing all my concerns and demonstrating a strong work ethic and genuine interest in my project. Caitlin and Kevin patiently addressed all my queries, offering detailed explanations tailored to my specific needs. I wholeheartedly recommend Caitlin and Hamil Little for any healthcare-related legal assistance; their professionalism and dedication to client satisfaction are unmatched. Thank you, Caitlin!

Jason (AVVO) - March 16, 2024

Our Company is very grateful for the legal expertise and guidance Michael Costa has provided us! His professionalism and legal acumen has saved us time and AGAIN!

Christina (Google) - February 25, 2024

I worked with HamilLittle on a recent small business acquisition in the healthcare industry and found them fantastic to work with. From the initial contact with Kevin to the ongoing support of Michael, they gave me peace of mind that everything was being handled in a professional and thorough. I would definitely recommend working with them.

John (Google) - February 18, 2024

I originally spoke to Kevin who listened and highly encouraged me with my business adventure in the functional medicine world. Ultimately, I worked with Caitlin who was wonderful and put all the pieces into place for establishing a new practice. It also entailed additional documents as I’m a Nurse Practitioner and have other considerations to practice. I had great communication and guidance throughout the entire process! Thank you Hamil Little!!

Kalen (Google) - January 2024

I am a physician just out of residency training and hired the firm Hamil Little to assist me in obtaining a Georgia practice license. Caitlin Lentz was my lead attorney and from day one Caitlin was knowledgeable, responsive and respectful in her communication. Caitlin put together a strategy for me that I was confident in and guided me through my meeting with the medical board. I was granted my practice license and am grateful to have had the Hamil Little team beside me throughout this challenging time.

Anonymous (AVVO) - September 8, 2023

Kevin and his team were incredible. I engaged Kevin to settle a matter with my university and was extremely pleased. Kevin was exceptionally professional, accessible, and efficient. We came to a swift resolution and favorable outcome. Kevin helped solidify the trajectory of my professional career and I will forever be grateful!

Anonymous (AVVO) - May 28, 2023

I sought legal counsel for an NPDB dispute. I interacted most often with Caitlin Lentz but also engaged with Kevin Little and Lee Little. I found everyone in the firm to be professional and responsive. I was so pleased with their services that I referred a colleague and she was also pleased. The dispute was resolved in my favor and I have the Hamil Little Team to thank.

Anonymous (AVVO) - April 24, 2023

I highly recommend Ms. Caitlin Lentz and the Hamil Little firm. Ms. Lentz helped me out with two issues I faced while in medical school. Ms. Lentz was incredibly thorough, intelligent/well-informed, and compassionate throughout the process. Ms. Lentz is an excellent attorney and very knowledgeable about healthcare law, helping out many physicians and even medical students. She went above and beyond by answering any questions I had or checking in on me after hours and on the weekend. Ms. Lentz was readily available and responsive – even when she was on vacation! These issues were extremely tough and emotional for me and my family, but Ms. Lentz remained levelheaded, calm, and patient with us. She was very pleasant to work with and always remained professional. Ms. Lentz and Hamil Little Healthcare firm have my highest recommendations, and I would not hesitate to seek their help if issues arise in the future.

Anonymous (AVVO) - April 10, 2023

In my decades as a Physician, this was the best contract representation that I have experienced. Timely, detailed, well explained and cost effective. I will continue to use their services when required again in the future.

Marshall (Google)- January 2023

I retained the firm to assist me with converting my traditional medical practice to a concierge medical practice. They were very professional, drafted a comprehensive membership agreement for my practice, and did so in a very timely manner. All my questions were answered quickly and very comprehensively. I would highly recommend using their services for any legal needs. I plan to retain them in the future for any issues that may arise.

Karen (AVVO)- November 24, 2022

Kevin was great to work with. I recently hired him for contract negotiation when entering into a medical practice partnership agreement after he had previously helped me with my employment agreement at the same practice 3 years ago. He is incredibly responsive and timely. He took time to hear all of my concerns and questions, and I never felt rushed or patronized. As a physician, “legalese” is not my forte, but Kevin made the process as simple as possible while still allowing me to get what I needed and wanted from my partnership agreement. I am now happily a partner in the practice and would highly recommend Kevin.

Allison (Physician, AVVO) - September 16, 2022

Recently coming out of training, I questioned if I should have my contract reviewed. Looking back now, it was certainly the correct thing to do. Mr. Little gave a great overview of the reviewing process and Caitlin Lentz provided an excellent consultation service with thorough considerations for details and future planning aligning with my best interest. She clearly takes good care of her clients so that we can take good care of our patients. Highly recommended.

Dr. S (Physician, AVVO) - August 6, 2022

I had the opportunity to work with Caitlin twice- when she reviewed my initial employment agreement and again when I decided to resign. I felt much more at ease with her help during such a daunting process. She is knowledgeable, readily available for communication via phone or email, and very professional. She also provided me with practical, real life advice which was incredibly helpful. I would recommend her services without hesitation.

Anonymous (Physician, AVVO) - August 5, 2022

I am very satisfied with the work of Ms Lentz. I hired her to review my work severance agreement. She identified a claim through my complaint and was able to successfully negotiate a higher settlement amount. She was very thorough and responsive, always answering my phone calls and emails. I highly recommend her services.

Anonymous (AVVO) - January 31, 2022

By the time I met Caitlin Lentz, I had already given up on the BON issuing me a compact license. I was very angry and prepared to deplete my 401K to file suit in the state and/or federal courts. I had already consulted three other attorneys. All were very discouraging and basically told me that there was a high probability that I would not prevail. Then I came across Hamil Little in an internet search. I called the number on a Sunday afternoon, thinking I would leave a voice message: Imagine my surprise when Kevin Little answered the phone. Mr. Little spoke with me for over 45 minutes going over the merits of my case; he never asked me for one dime to consult with him. I immediately knew that Kevin was very genuine and truthful; he informed me that he could not offer promises, nor guarantees, but assured me the firm would do the legal research and explore every legal avenue to appeal the adverse decision. The rate was VERY reasonable, and less than the other three firms that I had consulted. Mr. little assigned Caitlyn Lentz as my attorney and I am so grateful that he did. Caitlyn is top tier!! Her patience and ability to remain calm and levelheaded is exactly what I needed. Her voice was always very soft, meek, calming, even therapeutic. Honestly, she would probably thrive as a therapist. Caitlin was very responsive. Anytime I had a question or concern she emailed me back almost immediately. Caitlin is very smart and was able to find legal arguments as to why the BON were wrong in their decision to deny my compact license. Caitlin notified the Attorney General’s Office to inform them of my representation and their legal challenge to the BON’s decision. The AG’s office conducted their own investigation and obviously agreed with Caitlyn, that the BON interpreted the law wrong. I did prevail: I was issued my compact license and I did not have to spend my life’s savings to get it. I would recommend Hamil Little to anyone with a need for an attorney that specializes in healthcare law. Do not be discouraged if you are assigned a junior associate. Caitlin is an EXCELLENT attorney: I have no doubt that they are all great attorneys. I will be forever grateful to Caitlyn: Hamil Little will be my go-to firm for any healthcare law need in the future.

H.M. (RN) - November 30, 2021

I am very happy with the services provided by Mr. Little and Ms. Lentz. Both of them and the team at their firm is excellent at communicating. Very approachable. They are very thorough and knowledgeable. I had my contract reviewed and the time and dedication they showed for it was commendable. Highly recommended.

Dr. S (Surgeon) - August 30, 2021

I am looking to sign a contract for a prospective employer in the next few months. I retained [Caitlin Lentz of Hamil Little] for employment contract review. I already had reviewed a few of these in my career so I felt I had considered most of the important angles, but she was very helpful in doing a more rigorous and detailed review of the contract, picking up on subtle details/areas of concern that I had not considered. Her help was invaluable. She is extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and experienced. I also was very appreciative of the expedited process; I did not have to wait for days to hear back from her, she responded within one day. I will certainly work with her again, should the need arise.

Dr. K - June 21, 2021

Caitlin Lentz was very responsive and always answered any questions I had in great detail. She helped me assess reporting responsibilities to the medical board and my employment after a traffic offense. She even looked into a secondary issue that wasn’t directly involved in my case and helped with that as well. If I ever have any medical licensing issues in the future, I will not hesitate to employ Caitlin and her firm, Hamil Little.

Dr. T.R. - April 30, 2021

Kevin Little was prompt in calling me back on an urgent matter involving my nursing licenses in two states. He contacted the Attorney General directly and made excellent progress and a resolution promptly of which I had no progress for two years. He was honest, compassionate and fiscally aware of how to proceed. I highly recommend Mr. Little in any medical or nursing licensing legal matters. He was affordable, intelligent and also thoughtful which is rare for an attorney.

M.P. - February 16, 2021

I consulted with the firm and subsequently retained their services for assistance with a contractual disagreement. I’ve had experience with attorneys in the past and none were as decisive as Lee and Kevin. I felt reassured that if we had to litigate the matter I would be well represented. I am a physician who had a disagreement with a practice consisting of 35 partners and a non-physician CEO. It was definitely one of the most stressful times of my life. Ultimately, the firm was able to negotiate a separation agreement. Prior to retaining the firm the practice claimed I would have to pay them at least $50,000 to resign. That amount was reduced to $0; $50,000 was in my opinion unjust and in the firm’s opinion not consistent with sound labor practices nor was it consistent with the law. Can’t say enough about this firm. Very knowledgeable, assertive, and compassionate.

Dr. B - April 2020

Kevin Little has helped our company with employment contracts for Ophthalmologists, rental agreements with local Optometrists, and construction of LLC for Ophthalmology Office and ASC rental agreements. His attention to detail regarding Stark and AKS was extensive and gave us a good comfort level that we have done things in compliance with these laws and regulations. I recommend him for any issue regarding AKS or Stark.

J.V (Optometrist, South Carolina) March 12, 2020

I have used Kevin twice for physician contract review and he has been more than excellent. He helped me feel at ease, was always available, thorough, intelligent, and honestly is just a great person overall. I will always suggest him to my colleagues whenever they are in need. Even my employers felt that he was an excellent lawyer as well. I truly am grateful for his services as the #1 MD for Walmart Health and Wellness!

A.M. - May 26, 2019

Kevin is an excellent attorney and extremely well versed in healthcare law. I would highly recommend him and his law firm without reservation. Kevin and his team helped me navigate swiftly through a very difficult and stressful situation and ultimately negotiated a fair resolution for both parties. Additionally, he is extremely professional and makes himself very accessible. He responds promptly to email, questions, phone calls, etc. After satisfactory resolution of my first problem, he then, in turn, helped review a new physician employment contract for me and gave some valuable suggestions to ensure I did not make the same mistakes twice! Kevin is an invaluable resource to have on your team.

Dr. LD - May 19, 2019

Kevin has been instrumental in helping my medical practice in winning federal court litigation, resolving joint venture ownership, providing structure for contract work & employee contracts, resolving civil disputes. Recently has been able to be instrumental in a out-of-state corporate law dispute. A Swiss Army knife type of lawyer – can handle a variety of cases, in a variety of law specialties. Several years ago, when I first consulted with Kevin, he took extensive time to listen to the needs of my medical and personal needs. When I cross-referenced him, other attorneys spoke very highly of him, before I hired him. When it came to helping me in two different cases: one a corporate law (with full litigation) and one in a contract dispute (both out of state), he was able to procure top-notch out-of-state attorneys to assist in the cases – both cases were favorable. He was also able to cite case law that the other side had no idea of, in ultimately winning the case. In handling a large-insurance company, federal dispute, he resolved the case in a very short period of time and recovered tens of thousands of dollars, and when compared to two other attorneys who I interviewed for the same case, cost me a tenth of the legal expense. While I hope for no future legal actions, I would not hesitate, for an iota of time, to consult and hire Kevin. He has a perfect record of favorable winnings for me, is capable of engaging in a variety of legal cases, is honest & smart, provides a concierge-type of legal care.

N.D. (Physician/Medical Practice Owner) December 2017

When confronted with a legal issue with my business, I sought the help of Kevin Little. I had a plan of action in mind; however, Kevin Little brilliantly orchestrated a response that was beyond my expectations. His command of the English language, knowledge and research techniques make him an invaluable legal resource. He is very professional and personable. I will definitely work with him in any future legal issues.

S.D. (IT Business CEO) November 28, 2017

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Lee Little for over 10 years. I have always found her to be responsive, honest, assertive, resourceful, and thorough in all that she does. Her legal knowledge, skills and her dedication to her clients is second to none. I would trust her to handle any legal matter that may arise in my life and would recommend her to anyone that I know with confidence.

P.R. (Human Resources Professional, Georgia) (2016)

I worked with Lee Little for a bit over 8 years when we both represented the interests of a public institution in Augusta. In all my 30 plus years of interactions with attorneys during my professional life, she was the gold standard. While maintaining objectivity, she always was diligent in listening to the concerns of her “clients” and made sure she understood our issues. Her legal advice was accompanied by explanations, and she kept lines of communication open and always followed through. She never let personalities interfere with her representation, always kept confidences. Lee is hard-working, knows the law. She is very personable and compassionate, but can be firm when it is called for. I always told her that if I ever needed legal representation, I would want her in my corner.

B.A. (Health Sciences Executive) (2016)

Lee Little is driven, determined, and dedicated to achieving the best results for her clients. I had the pleasure of working with Lee for over nine years and consider myself privileged to know her. She has excellent knowledge and experience related to the law but most of all she has a stellar reputation which is confirmed once you interact with her. Lee shows compassion for the work that she does and she is very deliberate in the actions she takes on behalf of her clients. She educates you every step of the way enabling you to make informed decisions. Should you find yourself in need of a very professional superb attorney, there is no better person to represent you … I highly recommend Lee.

DT (Healthcare Field, Georgia) (2016)

Lee Little is an astute lawyer in all areas of law with a specialty in healthcare and business related matters. She is professional, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and responsive. Lee is practical in finding the most cost effective and rapid resolution to any given issue. I had the pleasure of working with Lee for over six years in a large university/medical center setting. She always had the ability to actively listen to me with a focus that turned into clear answers to my questions in language that I could understand. I have worked with many lawyers due to my area of work and she is my favorite by far. I highly recommend her.

C.C. (Economic Development Professional, Georgia) (2016)

For ten years Lee Little has provided comprehensive legal direction. She is always approachable, quickly assesses the situation and provides clear and concise legal opinions. She is an excellent negotiator and makes you feel your concern is the only one that she is working on. I trust her completely with all of my legal needs.

S.W. (Higher Education Professional) (2015)

Kevin represented the Medical Association of Georgia and individual physicians in a matter addressing the abuses of the health insurance industry. Kevin was a pleasure to work with and brought forth legal theories to hold the health insurance industry accountable to physicians and patients. We received outstanding representation from Kevin.

Donald Palmisano (CEO and General Counsel, The Medical Association of Georgia)

Lee Little is an outstanding legal advisor and advocate. In working with her on a number of complex and challenging business opportunities over the past years, I have been impressed with her quick grasp of the issues, thoughtful problem-solving style, compassion and concern, and her unfailing focus on “doing the right thing.” Lee has been a key “go to” person for me and my team.

C.M. (Executive, Augusta, Georgia) (2015)

As the details of our work that require legal counsel are often meticulous and hold the potential for serious liability, I found Kevin’s assistance to me as an FQHC CEO invaluable. In several different types of cases, i.e. HR, business contracts, or healthcare matters in general, I found his contributions yielded a significant return on our investment. In my busy role as an FQHC executive, I believe that without him, we would have had significant challenge or no chance at all of achieving the level of success we experienced. I would also note that the timeliness in which cases were resolved were directly related to his representation and professional expertise. For his integrity, comprehensive approach and follow through, I would highly recommend his firm.

J.C. (CEO, Health Center) February 9, 2015

I had the opportunity to work with Lee Little for over five years. She is a highly effective, articulate and dedicated attorney who is committed to her client’s success. She is extremely knowledgeable on a wide range of issues and has the experience to solve any problem and overcome any challenge.

M.H. (Executive, Georgia) (2015)

I am a professional from New York and Kevin Little of Hamil Little Law Firm represented me in Federal Court Litigation. I was referred to Kevin Little through another great New York Attorney and am pleased to give the whole team my highest praise. I had the pleasure of working with Kevin Little in a complicated case. He worked diligently to make sure that not only was I protected but patiently guided me through the process with excellent advice, attention to detail, and a swift delivery of results. Kevin made sure I was at ease and felt confident in the way the situation progressed every step of the way and kept me in touch with every detail and explained the reasoning behind every move. Kevin Little is truly one in a million – His experience, dedication and client focus makes the legal process as comfortable as can be. He was a class act from beginning to end. I feel so fortunate to have worked with him and could not be more content and thankful for his services.

G.R. (Professional) March 28, 2017

An absolute life (and career saver). Kevin helped clear up a matter with a practice where I was previously employed and a professional licensing board. His dedication and tact in working with the other lawyers involved in this matter are the reason our case was successful. Myself, and the other veterinarians involved, are very grateful for his service

S.B (Veterinarian) December 6, 2017

I am a physician who was looking to set up an office and wanted to make sure I was compliant with both medical board and governmental regulations. I had called about law offices and was getting no where. I emailed Kevin from his site and got an immediate reply. We met and he took the time to listen. We sat down and developed a plan and he gave me a very fair rate. He completed the work in a very timely fashion and was very thoughtful of my entire business plan. Kevin is professional and I would recommend him highly.

Dr. C (Urgent Care Physician, Georgia) September 9, 2013

Kevin Little truly stands out among healthcare attorneys. He remains amicable and approachable despite being quite experienced and well-known in his field. I spoke to about 10 other attorneys before choosing him to review my employment contract. Although he is very thorough and detail oriented, he also gets the “big picture”. He provided me with feedback on my contract including what could arise as problematic issues in the future. In addition, he is well versed in GA law as well as Federal regulations – as I am a physician working for an FQHC, this was important to me. Above all, even after negotiating my contract he has been available for other questions and concerns that have come about. I have referred family and friends to him for contract review and litigation.

A.T. (Physician) October 11, 2016

Excellent. Kevin helped review a physician contract with me before signing. Offered a great deal of helpful suggestions. Was attentive and patient. Overall great customer service and a pleasure to work with.

V.M (Physician) January 25, 2017

Kevin Little did an excellent job legally advising me on my employment contract. He was patient, very responsive in all communications, and a great overall resource during this important process.

T.T. (Physician, Georgia)

I am a Family Physician in practice for over 30 years in Augusta, GA. Kevin represented a large group of physicians (IPA) in a complicated legal battle with a LARGE healthcare insurer. He was successful in getting us a multi-million dollar settlement. He was so prepared that the defendants refused to go to trial. Since then, he has arranged all contractual work as I left private practice and began working for a large Urgent Care group. He has helped my wife, a psychiatrist, with contracts with the local hospital and a large hospital group. We have been so impressed with him and his work that he now does ALL our legal work, from review of insurer’s contracts to wills and trusts. What strikes me more than anything is his attitude that if he doesn’t have the answer to our legal problems at hand, he can and does access an impressive array of experts in whatever field necessary. If anyone has questions or concerns regarding Kevin, I would have no hesitancy in answering them.

Bill, MD (Primary Care Physician) October 22, 2014

Over the past 10 years I had the pleasure of working with Lee Little, at her prior employer, I was one of many customers she serviced. Lee has always been a delightful individual. I have learned and grown from her wealth of experience with employment law and many other areas. Lee does her best to ensure that everyone saw that the ethical/moral way is the right way to handle situations. She made our working relationship one which was respectful and I truly enjoyed engaging with her and seeking advice; her experience and her style together are invaluable. Lee is always a professional, she is articulate, sharp, quick, and has demonstrated an awesome response time, I was more than pleased with her guidance. She kept her promises to follow up and provided the necessary research and guidance to unique circumstances. Hands down, Lee has been great to work with!

D.P. (Human Resources Executive, Georgia) (2015)

Kevin Little helped me (physician) to modify an employment contract for me to feel comfortable and happy to accept a new position in a private practice. I feel he wholeheartedly advocated for my interests, wishes and rights. I have no doubts that my happiness in my current workplace is due in part to the solid grounds given by a well-designed and fair employment contract. THANK YOU again Kevin!

Dr. JB (Physician) August 18, 2015

Kevin Little was outstanding, personable, caring and very professional. He was very helpful and attentive with my legal needs. . . . He is very knowledgeable in a wide variety of legal situations (also admits when he doesn’t know something, but follows up by taking the time to find the answer). I wholeheartedly recommend working with Kevin Little in accommodating your legal and professional business needs. You won’t go wrong with him. I will definitely hire him for future legal dealings and have already recommended him to others.

S.H. (Technology Business CEO) February 14, 2012

Mr. Little helped me negotiate a difficult and sensitive contract with a hospital. He was always available, easy to work with, thorough and had my best interests at heart. He is the best lawyer I have ever worked with. As a physician who values professionalism and caring, Mr. Little exhibits the highest standards of both. I recommend him unconditionally.

Donald, MD (family physician, Ohio) May 4, 2014

Kevin is an outstanding person and a stellar lawyer. I had the opportunity to work with Kevin on an employment case that caused me headaches initially. Let me tell you that my headaches went away as soon as Kevin handled it with superb professionalism, integrity and passion. Kevin is interested in his client’s needs, wishes and wants and provides a clear and detailed process when handling your case. He always kept me informed and we worked very closely together so that I felt empowered rather than a victimized. I have worked with quite a few lawyers and I can say that Kevin is one of the few people who will give his very best to represent you. It really was a true pleasure working with him and I can only say one thing: you are blessed if you have the opportunity to work with him.

Hissi (employment client) November 9, 2014

I am a new physician provider in the Atlanta area and contacted Kevin Little for help with my employment contract review. His legal help was nothing short of excellent. He provided me a full review and revision of my contract, and helped guide me through negotiations with the hospital group I was joining. He was very attentive to my concerns. I needed to get the contract reviewed fairly quickly, and he was very time efficient. His office staff is also very helpful and knowledgeable. I will be using him again for sure.

Dr. T (Physician, Atlanta, GA) April 21, 2015

I am a retired Deputy Chief of police; and I am presently a college professor, teaching Criminal Justice. I have obviously gotten to know thousands of lawyers over my 40 years in law enforcement. I can say unequivocally that Kevin Little is the most competent and ethical lawyer I have ever met. His handling of my cases were exceptional. He was not only extremely knowledgeable of the law he was also a man of the highest ethics and honesty. I have recommended several of my friends to Kevin Little; and they all speak highly of his ability and expertise. What sets Kevin Little above all other lawyers is his unique ability to relate directly to his clients with compassion, understanding, and integrity. I would enthusiastically recommend Kevin Little for whatever your legal needs might be.

T.K. (Georgia, Assistant Chief of Police) October 28, 2014

Great attorney, always helpful and professional. I recommend Kevin Little. Kevin has helped me with various issues including a successful class action case.

M.V. (CPA, Georgia) January 12, 2013

Kevin represented me in a dispute with a former employer in Federal court in Georgia. I believe I was treated wrongfully and unfairly and sought Kevin’s expertise in filing a lawsuit. From the outset, Kevin was thoughtful, kind and professional. He is extremely knowledgeable of the law and navigating the Federal court. As we prepared our case for trial it became clear that had we proceeded to trial Kevin would have been a formidable opponent and a SERIOUS advocate for our case. Kevin has great communication skills and took a personal interest in me and my case. As we engaged with the defendant and their counsel, I was proud to have him as my lawyer. If you find yourself in the unenviable position of seeking a legal remedy to resolve a compensation dispute against an employer, I highly recommend Kevin Little.

R.T. (Executive, Long Island, New York) December 17, 2014

Kevin Little represented me in a wrongful termination case. I was so confused and angry after being terminated, I mentally gave up. I was referred to Kevin and that’s the day that my life started to turn around. Kevin listened very carefully and performed endless research to prove my case. When the case was all done, it was presented to the courts professionally and very tactfully to where the employer’s stated reasons for termination of me had absolutely no merit. The time and effort that Kevin dedicated to my case eventually restored my dignity and all that had been taken from me and my family. I would recommend Kevin Little to anyone that has experienced unfair treatment at their place of employment.

E.W. (Government Staff, Georgia) February 9, 2012

Kevin was wonderful through my entire litigation process, very knowledgeable and made the experience absolutely painless.

A.H. (Accounting Executive, Georgia) February 4, 2012

Excellent Lawyer. Mr. Little handled my employment case in an extremely professional manner. He responded to my queries and e-mails promptly. He made the process virtually painless. I admire his diligence and tenacity. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

L.D. (Department Manager, Georgia) January 16, 2013

Kevin helped review a physician contract with me before signing. Offered a great deal of helpful suggestions. Was attentive and patient. Overall great customer service and a pleasure to work with.

V.R. (Physician, Georgia)


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