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Severance Agreements

Our health law firm represents medical practices, other healthcare employers, and physicians with regard to employment severance packages. We provide the following types of legal services related to severance issues:

  • Review and evaluation of potential legal claims
  • Negotiation of severance compensation
  • Negotiation of severance benefits
  • Negotiation of non-economic terms of severance
  • Negotiation of Non-compete and other restrictive covenants
  • Preparation or evaluation of proposed Severance Agreement

Physican Severance Agreement Law Firm

If you are medical practice owner or a physician employee and are evaluating terms and conditions of a severance agreement, we can hope you. We provide affordable, high-quality legal services and pride ourselves in responsive, personalized service.

Our firm has represented medical practices, other healthcare businesses, and licensed healthcare professionals throughout the United States. Our attorneys have extensive experience, and our firm holds Martindale Hubbell's AV rating, its highest rating. To schedule a confidential consultation, email us at

Physician Severance Agreements

There is no form or template that will work for all severance agreement situations and purposes. Each situation is inherently different and individualized, and there are often serious, long-term consequences for both the employer and employee with particular terms and language in the severance contract. Therefore, both the employer and employee should retain counsel to advise them and carefully consider all proposed severance terms.

Some factors or issues that may be included in or affected by a severance agreement are: non-compete agreements and other restrictive covenants that will impact the employee’s ability to work; continuation of health insurance or other fringe benefits; stock options; outstanding loans; alternative dispute resolution provisions; legal fees; training or outplacement assistance; tax consequences; and, of course, terms of severance compensation. It is also very important (for both parties) to ensure that all parties are properly bound and that included provisions are clearly stated and legally enforceable under applicable law.

A medical practice employer may be justified in wanting provisions that will protect its proprietary rights or interests (such as non-compete and confidentiality agreements) or wanting a release of claims. However, how language is used in the severance agreement is critical because of the long-term limitations imposed upon the employee’s ability to work (in the case of non-compete agreements). Language should be negotiated in a manner that will afford all legitimate protections to the employer without unduly infringing upon considerations important to the employee’s ability to work and long-term best interests. A severance agreement should not be signed except upon the advice of a qualified employment law attorney.

Our AV-rated health law firm negotiates and drafts severance packages for purposes of concluding physician employment.  We have represented the interests of medical practices and physicians in many physician termination scenarios. We have offices in Atlanta and Augusta, Georgia and we represent our customers throughout the United States. To schedule a confidential consultation, email us at

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