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Disciplinary Action and Termination of Physician and Nurses

Representation of Physicians, Nurses and Other Licensed Professionals in Employment Termination and Disciplinary Matters

Our law firm represents, advises and advocates for physicians, nurses and various other healthcare professionals who are the subject of disciplinary action or termination of employment by an employer, or other adverse employment actions.  Hamil Little is AV-rated by Martindale Hubbell, and each of our attorneys is experienced in handling for healthcare professionals various employment-based legal disputes due to adverse employment action, including the following types of legal matters:

  • “For cause” termination decisions
  • Allegations of improper conduct or behavioral issues to support disciplinary action
  • Performance related disputes
  • Disputes involving sexual harassment allegations
  • Whistleblowing or statutorily protected speech or conduct
  • Breach of a physician employment agreement by the employer
  • Quality of healthcare allegations and investigations
  • NPDB reporting issues
  • Disability-related disputes
  • Illegal discrimination and retaliatory motives

Although every legal dispute in which we are involved is a matter of great importance for our client, in our experience employment disciplinary actions against physicians and other licensed healthcare professionals are of heightened importance.  The reason is that for healthcare professionals, the career stakes at play when disciplinary action occurs are always high. If a physician is terminated by a hospital system based on a “for cause” determination, the physician’s employability can be permanently impaired.  Where such a “for cause” determination is based on a unilateral determination by an employer based on a standard stated in the physician employment agreement that is inherently subject to interpretation (e.g., an alleged “violation of any policy or procedure”), the physician is at risk of an unfair determination that can permanently harm him.

Therefore, in all employment disciplinary action matters, our firm, when retained, makes it a priority to fully understand the factual details and background of our client’s relationship and history with the employer and our client’s long-term career objectives, in order to properly advise our client about best strategies to deal with the situation.  Many such cases will warrant careful review and analysis of the employment agreement, the employer’s employee handbook and/or other written materials that state the parties’ agreement and the employer’s employment practices. It is typically very important for physicians facing employment disciplinary action to have his or her lawyer to review these materials and provide legal guidance and advice regarding the situation.

Georgia Healthcare Employment Litigators

While it is rare that anyone should not consider ways to avoid a lawsuit, sometimes a lawsuit is a right or perhaps the only available approach to address an employment-based dispute and vindicate one’s rights.  Our attorneys have litigated numerous employment-related cases in Federal and State Court, at the trial and appellate levels. If our client needs to defend or bring employment-related litigation to vindicate himself and obtain legal remedies, we will represent and advocate for them in a committed, effective way.  We enjoy the challenge of fighting for our client in court.

Speak With One of Our Physician Employment Lawyers

Hamil Little is a Georgia-based business and healthcare law firm that has helped many hundreds of physicians in a variety of legal matters, including employment disciplinary action and termination decisions.  Our offices are located in Atlanta and Augusta, Georgia. Contact us at, or 404-685-1662 (Atlanta) or 706-722-7886 (Augusta) to schedule a confidential consultation.

DISCLAIMER: Any result this law firm or any lawyer of this law firm may achieve on behalf of one client in one matter does not necessarily indicate similar results can be obtained for other clients.