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Medical Practice and Joint Venture Ownership and Agreements

Formation, Ownership Agreements and Joint Ventures

Healthcare Business Formation, Ownership Agreements and Joint Venture Agreements

Getting Started

Our law Atlanta healthcare firm can ensure your healthcare business or joint venture starts on the right foot. Our firm has offices in Augusta and Atlanta, Georgia. To succeed in the healthcare business, proper organization and set up are critical.

Our services include:

Entity Selection and Formation

We help you determine proper entity selection and form the business according to your individual circumstances and financial objectives.

Ownership Agreements

We will customize Shareholder (stockholder) Agreements, Operating Agreements, and Partnership agreements according to your business needs and goals.

Joint Venture Agreements

We will evaluate or prepare joint venture agreements with other providers and healthcare providers to help you ensure your healthcare business remains fully compliant with federal and state regulatory requirements and that your contractual interests are protected.

Corporate Documents

We will ensure Articles, By-laws and other corporate documents are incorrect form and filed properly.

Regulatory Compliance

We will assess your business for HIPAA/HITECH security and privacy compliance and provide proper manuals, written policies and procedures, and employee training.

Staffing and Compensation

We will evaluate your staffing procedures to ensure compliance with employment laws and provide you with proper policies, manuals and handbooks, and advice on best practices.

Third-party Payer and Other Contracts

We will work with you to ensure that your contracts say what you need them to say and protect your business interests.

Your Georgia healthcare counsel

Our AV-rated business law firm is focused on representing healthcare businesses. We handle the legal side of healthcare so that the healthcare businesses we represent can focus on delivering care. Our offices are located in midtown Atlanta and the Medical District of downtown Augusta, Georgia. We represent clients throughout the States of Georgia and South Carolina, most often in Atlanta and Augusta, Georgia and Aiken, South Carolina. See Communities We Serve. To schedule a consultation you may contact us online or email us at

If you can set up a business yourself, why hire a lawyer?

For any business – and especially those in healthcare -- there is more to proper formation and set up than meets the eye. The potential ramifications for getting your business set up right are far-reaching and long term.

No one-size-fits-all template

Determining what form of business entity is best for particular business warrants careful consideration of numerous individualized factors, including the goals of the business, tax advantages, and liability concerns. Each corporate form has particular rules and consequences with respect to personal liability, tax consequences, and governance. Various pros and cons to the formation of each type of entity that should be weighed in consultation with a qualified business attorney. We know how to evaluate your circumstances and business goals and take the proper steps for your business.

Ownership agreements are absolutely critical

Negotiating and designing the written agreement between owners that will govern mutual efforts to make a particular business work and profit should be done by (or with the advice of) a seasoned business lawyer. Whether business owners are forming a legal partnership, a corporation or an LLC, any business owned by more than one person should have a qualified business attorney design and prepare the agreement that will govern the relationship between the business owners and serve as their ownership roadmap.

The ease of filing something with the Secretary of State to create a business entity can be deceiving and cause a short-sighted business owner to underestimate the importance of having a trained business lawyer prepare all business formation and ownership documents. All ownership agreements must correctly anticipate good and bad times in the business and provide owners with an agreed upon and precisely stated road map for all events. A form agreement will never do because it does not take into account the objectives of the individuals. Your lawyer needs to prepare an ownership agreement that properly states your agreement.

Atlanta, Augusta, Aiken healthcare business formation lawyers

We can help your healthcare business. Our healthcare and business law firm represents clients in Atlanta and Augusta, Georgia; Aiken, South Carolina; and often throughout the States of Georgia and South Carolina. (See Communities We Serve.) Kevin Little and Lee Hamil Little have extensive experience as lawyers and are awarded Martindale Hubbell's AV rating, its highest rating. To schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys, email us at or contact us at our office nearest you.