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What are some of the benefits of a concierge or direct primary care medical practice?

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Video Transcript


When I think about “concierge” medicine, I think about it from the patient’s perspective.  Wouldn’t it be nice for me as a patient when I go to the doctor, instead of a brief encounter with the physician where the physician must rush from patient to patient because of the demands of a third-party payor practice, the physician is free to take plenty of time to talk to me, review my history, get to know me, and discuss wellness and prevention ideas with me?


“Direct Primary Care” and other forms of “Concierge” healthcare delivery are growing trends.  It’s a great way for physicians and other healthcare professionals to showcase their skills and talents at the highest level.  We have seen a number of different practice models based on concierge medicine concepts.  And a common thread is that the healthcare professional desires to be free to spend more time with the patient and more focused on wellness rather than on treating.

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