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Total Health Law Primer: Tips for Closing a Medical Practice in Georgia as a Non-Physician

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Video Transcript

Little: Hi, I'm Lee Little. This Total Health Law video primer discusses three tips for a non-physician closing a medical practice in Georgia. Number one, retain patient medical records. Assuming the medical practice owns at least certain patient medical records, subject to certain exceptions, Georgia law requires the medical practice to maintain medical records for 10 years from the date of creation and to make those records available to patients upon request. Most states will have comparable requirements.

Number two, maintain proper HIPAA documentation. In addition to state law, you must comply with federal law known as HIPAA. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act requires medical practices to maintain appropriate HIPAA compliance policies and procedures for six years after the last effective date of the practice. Number three, ensure compliance with contractual termination provisions with third parties. Identify all contracts to which the practice is a party, including third-party payer contracts, and carefully review those contracts and their termination provisions. If the medical practice has employment agreements, consider what termination provisions in those contracts are implicated as well.

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