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Total Health Law Primer: Steps Physicians Can Take to Sign a Good Employment Agreement

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Video Transcript

Lee: Hi, I'm Lee Little. This Total Health Law video primer summarizes three steps for physicians to sign a good employment agreement. Number one, carefully read the contract. Yes, I know this sounds obvious, but we see many instances where our physician client has not carefully studied the contract. Often, a careful review of the contract will at a minimum reveal some inconsistency in what the document says and you were told, be it PTO days, compensation points, who pays the tail insurance premium or similar points. Make the effort to ensure the contract's words conform to your understanding of the employment terms.

Number two, don't assume you cannot negotiate. Many physicians tell us they heard contract language is standard and not subject to discussion. This feeling can cause missed opportunities to negotiate. Remember, a form employment agreement prepared years ago by a lawyer for a medical practice, may not conform to all aspects of your unique circumstances today. So don't assume a form is written in stone. Number three, be realistic and reasonable. If you propose changes, propose only mutually fair language narrowly tailored to your specific concerns. Reasonable employers will be open to making the contract better. Don't ask for the moon. Instead, show the employer a reasonable basis for what you need.

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