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Total Health Law Primer: Properly Challenging an NPDB Report

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Video Transcript

Caitlin: Hi, I'm Caitlin Lentz. This Total Health Law video primer discusses how to properly challenge an NPDB report. The first step, identify to the reporting entity a proper basis for voiding the NPDB report. The first step is to determine whether the NPDB report was properly filed, or whether it contains factually inaccurate representations, and present any such arguments to the reporting entity in writing. Either is a valid basis to request the reporting entity retract or correct the report. The second step, if the reporting entity does not retract or correct the report within 60 days, file a dispute resolution request with the NPDB. The NPDB website provides guidance on the details of this process, and your healthcare lawyer may assist you. The third step, if the dispute resolution request is denied, file with the NPDB a request for reconsideration. Filing a request for reconsideration is essentially an administrative appeal to obtain further review of your arguments. At every step, it's very important to carefully follow the NPDB's process outlined in its website and guidelines. I hope you find these tips helpful.

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