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Total Health Law Primer: Physician Employment Agreement Terms to Know Before Resigning

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Video Transcript

Lee: Hi, I'm Lee Little. This Total Health Law video primer discusses three physician employment agreement terms to understand before resigning. The term and termination section. If you are resigning, this section of the agreement is critical. It is important that you understand whether the contract expires, how much notice you need to provide if you are terminating the agreement without cause, and whether you may be able to terminate the agreement with less notice under specific circumstances, such as a showing of cause. The tail insurance provisions. Many physicians mistakenly assume that the employer will provide and pay for tail insurance coverage. In the many dozens of physician employment agreements we review, we see a lot of variance in how tail insurance is handled and whether and when under particular circumstances, a physician may be contractually required to pay the premium for tail insurance. Because tail insurance can, for some physicians, be costly, it is crucial to understand this section of your employment agreement. Any restrictive covenants. Almost all physician employment agreements contain restrictive covenants, including physician non-compete agreements. Because a non-compete agreement can prevent a desired career opportunity, understanding the restrictive covenants and whether there may be smart ways to work around a non-compete is crucial.

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