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Total Health Law Primer: Healthcare Business Insurance Audit Tips

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Video Transcript

Kevin: Hi, I'm Kevin Little. This Total Health Law video primer summarizes three essential steps if your healthcare business faces an insurance audit. First, take the process seriously at the initial record request stage, and not just when there's a request for repayment. The best chance that your practice has in producing any requests for overpayment and persuading the auditor not to expand its investigation is during the response to the initial request for records.

Second, rely upon your healthcare lawyer and a compliance consultant. Your healthcare counsel can assist you in putting your best foot forward with your written response in determining what documents you send. A compliance consultant is useful to determine what the auditor may find as non-compliant and can educate you about how best to modify your practices.

Third, think outside the box. Rely upon your compliance consultant to help you demonstrate to the auditor your intentions and your best efforts to be compliant.

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