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Total Health Law Primer: Georgia Direct Primary Care Agreements

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Video Transcript

Kevin: Hi, I'm Kevin Little. This Total Health Law video primer discusses Georgia Direct Primary Care agreements. Concierge and direct primary care practices have become great alternatives for many physicians and their patients. In 2019, Georgia passed Senate Bill 18 entitled, Direct Primary Care, which provides a legal avenue for direct primary care agreements that will not be deemed insurance. Under this law, a Direct Primary Care agreement means a written contract where a physician or the physician's medical practice agrees to provide healthcare services to individual patients for an agreed upon fee and period of time. To avoid being deemed insurance and having to abide by insurance rules, there must be an agreement in writing signed by the physician and the patient. That Direct Primary Care agreement must also state that it can be terminated by either party upon written notice, specify the scope of services covered by the periodic fee and what the fee is, specify the duration of the agreement and any automatic renewal period, require no more than 12 months of the periodic fee be paid in advance and prominently state the agreement is not health insurance. For more details regarding these types of agreements and the legal requirements, it is important that you consult with your healthcare attorney.

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