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Total Health Law Primer: 3 Tips For Opening a Ketamine Clinic

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Video Transcript

Kevin: Hi, I am Kevin Little. This Total Health Law video primer discusses three tips for opening a ketamine clinic. Ketamine is a controlled substance, and you must comply with the registration requirements of the code of federal regulations. Using ketamine for ketamine infusion therapy is an off-label use of ketamine. Using drugs for off-label uses is not prohibited. Your ketamine clinic may qualify as a pain management clinic. Many providers have found success using ketamine to treat patients for pain.

Georgia has strict oversight of pain management clinics. And if more than 50% of your annual patient population is being treated for chronic pain, your clinic may be deemed a pain management clinic. Know the position of your state's medical board. The Georgia Medical Board has discussed the use of ketamine to treat pain, and it's advisable to stay abreast of any medical board pronouncements in your state.

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