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Medical Board Matters and Hearings

We advise and represent physicians and other healthcare professionals with regard to a variety of legal matters pending before State Medical Boards, as well as nursing and pharmaceutical boards and similar administrative agencies that license, regulate and discipline healthcare professionals.  Generally speaking, state medical boards bear a critical responsibility of protecting the health of state citizens through appropriate licensure and regulation of professionals who deliver healthcare for a living and through appropriate enforcement of applicable medical practice acts and laws.

We Represent Physicians and Healthcare Professionals

State Medical Practice Acts significantly limit and regulate medical professionals.  Typically, a State's medical board will have jurisdiction to license and regulate, by way of example, physicians, physician assistants, respiratory care professionals, perfusionists, acupuncturists, orthotists, prosthetists, auricular (ear) detoxification specialists, residency training permits, cosmetic laser practitioners and pain management clinics.  

Where the license of a physician is concerned, the financial and professional stakes are high.  Over a course of years, the financial value of the average physician’s license may be millions of dollars. The inability to obtain a medical license due to prior board action, NPDB reporting or other legal problems can dramatically alter a family’s long-term plans about where they can locate.  While we are of course limited by the factual and legal hand we are dealt when we accept any engagement to represent a physician regarding licensure related issues, it is always our impression that through thoughtful and meticulous efforts and honest advocacy and presentation to a medical board, we can improve our client’s lot and advance our client’s long-term best interests.  We are called upon on a regular basis to problem-solve and mitigate professional risks for our clients who are physicians or other licensed health care professionals. Our representation of healthcare professionals may involve the following types of matters, by way of example:

  • Any appearance before medical and nursing boards
  • Pain management clinic investigations and administrative hearings
  • Professional disciplinary actions and defense
  • Advice and preparation for medical board investigative interviews
  • Denials of applications for licensure
  • Patient complaints against physicians and other licensed professionals
  • Peer review reporting to the medical board and affirmative reporting obligations of physicians
  • Protection of our physician clients in completing applications for licensure
  • Seeking board advisory opinions for proposed transactions and arrangements
  • Fraud and abuse inquiries
  • Surrendering a medical license
  • Legal analysis and advice regarding board-published Official Opinions of the Attorney General

Our objective in every such matter is to protect our client’s long-term financial and career interests.  How that is best accomplished is typically subject to a case-by-case determination, as such matters tend to be highly individualized and rarely subject to a templated approach. We strive to learn how to problem solve for our professional clients in a way that will give them the best opportunity for a successful outcome and value.

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DISCLAIMER: Any result this law firm or any lawyer of this law firm may achieve on behalf of one client in one matter does not necessarily indicate similar results can be obtained for other clients.

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