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Litigation and Arbitration Recoveries

Hamil Little represents medical practices, physicians and physician groups, and other businesses and professionals in litigated and arbitrated cases that seek financial recoveries and other economic remedies. Our firm, principally representing health care providers, has a strong background in and heavy focus upon litigation, arbitration and other dispute-resolution engagements.

For many years, our law firm has worked hard to develop considerable experience in litigating very challenging cases for our clients in the unfortunate circumstance of a serious legal dispute that cannot be resolved by other means. While litigation is rarely a desired road, when legal recourse is necessary, thoughtful and meticulous, goal-driven legal work by seasoned attorneys is imperative. While the objectives of litigation often vary, obtaining monetary damages for a wrong done to our client is often what we do. We have represented numerous professionals and businesses in state and federal court litigation, at both the trial and appellate phases, arbitrations, and mediations.

Georgia and South Carolina Trial Counsel: Recoveries for Physicians and Medical Practices

  • Employment and Compensation Disputes: 

Almost without exception, all employment of physicians (as well as many other medical professionals) will, quite unlike most employment in other industries, be governed by a written contract of employment. In the case of physicians, many employment agreements are lengthy, complicated and typically drawn in a one-sided fashion that favors the employer, whose lawyer crafted the agreement. Where WRVU-based and other production formulas are part of the compensation scheme, it is (in the experience of this healthcare law firm) rare that the contract does not contain ambiguities concerning pay. In any event, with so many compensation schemes, disputes are simply inevitable in some relationships. Our firm has the knowledge and experience with contracts and employment disputes to help our clients realistically evaluate and prosecute viable claims for unpaid professional compensation and related financial recoveries, whether in litigation or arbitration.

  • Contract Litigation:  

The most common type of business claim litigated is, in our experience, breach of contract. Today, the average physician or medical practice will sign dozens or even hundreds of contracts over the course of a career or life of a practice, including contracts such as purchase/sale agreements, vendor contracts with a variety of entities that provide essential services to healthcare providers, leases, third-party payor agreements, and practice ownership agreements. Too often, it is first realized at the dispute phase when a contract is carefully scrutinized by litigation counsel, that failures at the transactional stage (like the mindless use of a form obtained from the internet or purchased from a form company based on short-sighted and misguided perception of what saves money) left a client vulnerable to ambiguities and inadequate contractual protection. In any event, our litigation attorneys have substantial experience in litigating and trying contract disputes.

  • Partnership and Shareholder Disputes and other Business Divorce:  

All good things must end, sooner or later, and hence every partnership ends. Fortunately, the dissolution of a co-owned medical practice or other service business does not always result in a legal dispute; many do, however. The competing selfish interests that attend dissolution often give rises to disputes and some that will find the way to the courthouse. Our firm represents individuals and business entities that are caught in the middle of such disputes. We have the background and experience to help our clients assess and proceed with claims for financial recoveries or protection of financial interests based on ownership.

  • Business Torts:

Business “torts” can include many types of “civil wrongs” motivated to harm one’s economic interests, including fraud or intentional interference with a party’s business relationships. Such claims are often more difficult to prove because of the complexity of the claims and the need for proof of improper motive or other tortious conduct, but greater damages may be obtainable where such proof exists, sometimes including punitive damages.

  • Multi-plaintiff and other Complex Cases:

We have represented physicians and individuals in business disputes involving multi-plaintiffs, groups or classes (i.e., class action litigation). In some circumstances that involve similarly situated claimants with common objectives, joining claims in a single case against the same defendant(s) can be a viable option (assuming there is compliance with applicable procedural rules) and provide enhanced leverage and ability to obtain a successful financial outcome. Our firm’s lawyers have significant experience in multi-plaintiff and class action business disputes.

Litigation and Arbitration Attorneys: Recoveries for Other Professionals and Businesses

While our law practice is heavily geared toward helping healthcare providers and other professionals that work in the health care industry, we selectively assist other types of business owners and other professionals in cases seeking to obtain a financial recovery based on breach of contract, ownership interests, business torts, fraud, and other causes of action. In each such matter, we apply the same diligence, meticulous attention to detail, experience and advocacy to seek the greatest financial recovery or protection available, and the best possible outcome, for our client. Our clients in successful litigation for financial recoveries have included small business owners, a variety of professionals, and individuals with challenging legal disputes.

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