• Date:Wed, Apr 27, 2016
  • Time:01:00 PM CDT
  • Duration:1 hour
  • Host(s):American Osteopathic Association
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Presenter Information

Kevin S. Little, JD

Kevin Little is a business lawyer whose practice is focused on representing health care and other service professionals. After law school, Mr. Little served as a Federal Law Clerk for two federal trial judges, for four years, and has practiced law in private practice for over 18 years. His law firm has offices in Atlanta and Augusta, Georgia. See also:

Stark Law and other self-referral laws that physicians need to know


Meeting Description:

 Every physician should know and appreciate the legal, professional, financial and personal hazards of self-referral financial relationships.  Violations of Stark Law and related regulatory Federal and State laws often result in severe adverse consequences for physicians, even if the violation is unintentional. This webinar will provide a basic explanation for physicians of Stark Law and related self-referral laws as well as the penalties and other adverse consequences for violations. 

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