Family and Domestic Relations Law

Hamil Little is focused on protecting the financial interests and general well-being of Georgia and South Carolina healthcare providers and businesses, including physicians, physician groups and associations, medical corporations, qualified health centers, ambulance services, laboratories, consultants, geriatric care and rehab facilities and healthcare business owners, as well as other professionals, businesspersons, and their family members. So as to fully protect our clients' interests, we also provide advice and representation in the areas of family and domestic relations law. Our objective is to not only help healthcare providers and professionals and their families succeed and make more money, but also to help them protect their children, their financial assets, and their family's general well-being.

Within the practice area of Family and Domestic Relations Law, our law firm provides legal advice and representation with regard to a variety of matters, including:

It is Dangerous to Go Alone

Dealing with the myriad of legal issues associated with divorce, child custody/support, domestic violence, paternity/legitimation, or other domestic relations actions by yourself is not only difficult and time-consuming, but is often incredibly emotionally draining and stressful. It can be easy to lull oneself into the fantasy that, given the relation to and knowledge regarding the opposing party, an individual can adequately represent himself or herself in a divorce or other domestic relations action. Representing oneself can be one of the costliest decisions one can make with regards to a domestic relations action, however, as individuals too often are emotional, short-sided, and/or biased when dealing with matters related to their own family, personal relationships, and love. Indeed, while some cost-conscious individuals are averse to the potential cost of hiring a family law attorney to adequately advise and represent their interests, most often fail to appreciate the immense liability and potential for unfavorable outcomes that are common when proceeding without counsel. Moreover, when your home life is in turmoil and the responsibility for making it right rests solely on your shoulders, it can be difficult to devote the appropriate time and attention to your case in addition to other important aspects of your life, such as your career, your happiness, and the needs of your children, your other family members, and your friends. To protect your best interests as well as the best interests of those who depend on you, you need an independent attorney who is versed in the law, who will keep abreast of necessary work and deadlines in your domestic legal action, and who will remain calm, collected, and objective when negotiating and/or litigating with other members of your family, so that you can worry less, enjoy more, and devote the appropriate focus to other important aspects of your life.

Seek Advice and Develop a Plan of Action Early

Besides remaining positive, being proactive is the most important thing you can do to obtain a speedy and satisfying conclusion to your domestic relations action. The first step you should make when facing a potential family law dispute is to secure the services of an attorney who can adequately advise you such that you may make informed decisions with regards to you and your dependents' best interests. The longer you wait to seek advice and/or representation from a qualified attorney, the more doors that close with regards to a speedy and successful resolution to your matter – especially if you have a pending case with time sensitive deadlines. It is also important to speak with an attorney as soon as possible because the difference between what you believe the law should be and what Georgia statute and case law actually state, can be quite jarring for many people. This is particularly true in the area of family law, where a great deal of discretion is afforded to the judge and other court staff that will be working with your case. Your initial meeting with your attorney should be a strategy session where you first explain your circumstances and goals to your attorney, have your attorney explains relevant legal concepts and requirements to you, co-develop a plan of action to achieve your precise goals, and finish with your attorney providing concrete advice for how to begin said plan of action. Once you have a plan of action and set deadlines, you can begin working towards resolution in an efficient and effective manner.

Find an Attorney that Fits You and Your Matter

Just as no two people are identical, no two attorneys are alike. Different attorneys may not only have different preferred courses of action, manners of negotiation, levels of services, and fee rates, but they may also have differing personal temperaments, idiosyncrasies, or even interpretations of the law. Some favor aggressive stratagem, while others would prefer more cooperative or collaborative relations. It is important to find an attorney who not only satisfies your legal and personal needs, but whose personality and conduct are in accord with your circumstances and desired goals. Similarly, it is important to find an attorney whose level of service and fee rates are consistent with your resources and plan of action. Remember, your attorney is a tool for you to use to achieve your goals, not the other way around.

Avoid Delay, Indecision, and Rash Acts

No matter what course of action you take, avoid delay, indecision, and in particular, rash acts. Family law is a world of duality, where family fights family and accomplishing the most trivial of details can take several months to come to a head only to be resolved in minutes or hours. Parties can be slow to move on a particular issue and seem to delay at every opportunity, only to suddenly switch gears and rush forward (whether towards settlement or conflict) at break-neck speed. Some matters start out chaotic and then calm before an amicable resolution, while others run smoothy until conflict or the parties' conduct causes one or both parties to become uncooperative or uncivil. While this wavering and/or unpredictable behavior is occasionally the result of some cunning plan and/or ever-changing conditions, more often it is simply the result of impulsive and emotional decision making. It is important to not allow oneself to become overly aggressive nor overly passive when dealing with the opposing party, as domestic relations actions are generally difficult to win, but easy to lose. All of this counsels you to seek adept representation from an attorney who can serve as your trusted adviser and agent and who can help you develop a sound strategy and stick to it.

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