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Business Litigation


The road a business takes is not always smooth. Best intentions, careful planning and even good legal counseling regarding business issues cannot ensure that no business disputes will occur. Our Georgia-based health law firm represents our customers in business disputes throughout the United States.

Our health law attorneys have significant experience handling all phases of business litigation for medical practices, physicians and healthcare services businesses in federal and state court. As experienced advocates in the courtroom and at the negotiating table, our attorneys are committed to helping our customers protect their financial interests. Our commercial litigation experience includes:

The Right Approach to Litigation

Not every lawsuit should go to trial, but every matter must be prepared and litigated as though it will go to trial.  When retained, we carefully examine the background of the facts and circumstances leading to the dispute. Before the first pleading, we spend the proper time to understand as much as possible on the front end of the case: all factual details, applicable legal principles and how the case will be tried. From the beginning of the case, we prepare the case to win it at trial. We view the discovery phase of litigation as potentially invaluable and conduct discovery accordingly. We do not skimp or take short cuts. Nevertheless, the goal of “winning” a lawsuit should give way to good business judgment and objectives. Therefore, we continuously and thoughtfully assess our client's situation and objectives throughout the development of the case. We want to understand and advance your business objectives with regard to the dispute and bring the case to a successful conclusion.

Though litigation mechanics are similar from case to case, the subject matter of business litigation varies. We may represent medical practices, physicians and healthcare services businesses in business litigation and employment litigation.  To confer with one of our litigation attorneys, contact us today.