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Class Actions and High Stakes Litigation

Our law firm represents business owners, individuals and healthcare providers in complex disputes, including class actions and multi-plaintiff business litigation against third-party payers, PPOs and other managed care entities.

  • We recover revenue: We fight insurers and other payers who improperly deny or delay provider claims or reimbursement.
  • We protect contract rights: We protect physician rights under network agreements, health plans and managed care contracts through litigation or arbitration.
  • We pursue financial recoveries: We seek recoveries for healthcare providers in businesses tort cases in litigation or arbitration.

Atlanta Healthcare Law Firm

In our nation’s current third-party payer healthcare payment system, insurers and other payers have an unfair bargaining position. In this firm’s view and experience, some insurers are inclined to push the envelope and take unfair financial advantage of physicians and healthcare businesses. We have a keen interest in helping our healthcare clients when unfairly treated by insurers. We have represented numerous healthcare providers in complex business litigation in federal and state court, arbitrations and mediations.

“Kevin Little [of Hamil Little] represented the Medical Association of Georgia and individual physicians in a matter addressing the abuses of the health insurance industry. Kevin was a pleasure to work with and brought forth legal theories to hold the health insurance industry accountable to physicians and patients. We received outstanding representation from Kevin.” *

Donald Palmisano, CEO and General Counsel, Medical Association of Georgia.

We represent healthcare businesses throughout Georgia and South Carolina. (See Communities We Serve.) Our attorneys have extensive experience and hold Martindale Hubbell's AV rating, its highest rating. To schedule a consultation, email us at or contact us at our office nearest you.

Complex Litigation

“Complex litigation” alludes to high stakes for the litigants, large amounts of money, novel legal issues, highly involved discovery, multiple plaintiffs or defendants, heavy motions practice, and/or class action allegations. Our firm has represented and advised physicians in complex litigation and disputes with third-party payers and other managed care entities over contract rights, reimbursement and claim denial matters, and various business issues. For example, our firm and its co-counsel represented an Independent Physicians Association comprising over 50 member physicians in a complex arbitration filed against a major health insurer, alleging the insurer took financial advantage of the doctors. In that arbitration, the IPA obtained a recovery of over $5 million.

We have significant experience in complex legal disputes. Typically working against some of the best large law firms in complex cases, often in federal court, our firm will ensure that every matter is properly staffed regardless of the type or complexity of the engagement. In especially labor-intensive litigation or litigation of a very specialized area of law, we will partner with one or more of the many plaintiff law firms with whom we have a standing relationship. We have extensive experience forming teams of plaintiffs’ counsel and co-counseling with other lawyers and law firms.

“I endorse Kevin Little without reservation. Kevin and I worked on a novel and complex case that required everyone's best efforts. His steady, low-key style and sharp mind helped immensely in analyzing the case. As the primary author of the briefs filed in the case, Kevin clearly showed his experience and ability in presenting a document worthy of signature even before the editing process by the other counsel began. His sensitivity to the emotional issues of cases should help any party in a litigated matter. Kevin has the high ethical standards I require in counsel and I trust him implicitly. He keeps his promises. I value his opinion on matters of substance and that is not something I often say about lawyers of his generation."

James Collier, Business and Trial Lawyer, Cape Coral, Florida.

To schedule a consultation, email us at or contact us at our office nearest you.

DISCLAIMER: Any result this law firm or any lawyer of this law firm may achieve on behalf of one client in one matter does not necessarily indicate similar results can be obtained for other clients.