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Breach of Contract Litigation

We represent medical practices, physicians and other healthcare providers in litigation and arbitration based on breach of contract, including:

  • breach of contract litigation in federal court
  • breach of contract litigation in state court
  • federal and state appeals in breach of contract litigation
  • arbitration of contract disputes
  • mediation of contract disputes

Our representation includes our commitment to ensuring our clients understand the dispute process as much as possible.  In breach of contract cases, we formulate and execute the best available litigation strategies to meet business and individual objectives, and succeed in achieving litigation goals in a cost-effective, result-driven manner.

Breach of Contract Litigation Firm

Our litigation team exclusively represents healthcare providers in matters throughout the United States.  Each lawyer assigned to your matter will have extensive relevant experience.  We hold Martindale Hubbell's AV rating, its highest rating. To schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys, email us at or contact us at our office nearest you.

Breach of Contract Primer

Most transactions and business dealings are governed by a written contract. Many factors lead to disputes based upon contracts, including ambiguity in contract language, emergence of new circumstances that affect how a party interprets particular provisions, inadequate partial performance of contractual duties, inability to perform or bad faith, or intentional non-performance. In most states, a breaching party may be required in a successful breach of contract lawsuit to pay compensatory damages or may be required by a court to perform obligations under the contract. Additionally, under certain circumstances, a non-performing party may be required in breach of contract litigation to pay attorney's fees and litigation expenses to the non-breaching party. Another remedy available in some breach of contract litigation is "rescission," which is legal dissolution of the contract with money returned and further obligations under the contract excused, returning the parties to their respective pre-contract positions.  Potential remedies and the types of damages that may be recoverable for a breach of contract are often critical to a realistic and reliable appraisal of the case and determination of appropriate litigation strategy. 

To schedule a confidential consultation, contact us at our office nearest you, or email us at